More and more, people from American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) are hitting the road again for work-related trips. These trips have demonstrated that given proper guidance and planning, employees at GBT can safely return to business travel. During a recent event  in Dallas co-hosted by GBT, American Airlines, and Hyatt Hotels, entitled #BacktoBlueSkies, attendees recorded their experiences.

Attendees noted the logistics of booking and planning for a trip, the value of meeting in person, and the ways that organizers made sure that the meeting and travel experience was a safe and smooth one. While we’ve published several articles and a video on the subject, the series is aimed at instilling confidence in your travelers as they approach their next business trip, regardless of whether that might be one to six months from now.

To further support your company plan for future business trips, check out our #TravelReady microsite, which hosts a video testimonial from the above event, as well as our newly launched interactive site called On The Road Again.