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Best-in-class traveler care

Why travel with us?

Best-in-class traveler care

We're here to help, whether it's an unexpected flight delay or a ride home from the airport.

Exceptional service

Exceptional service from office to home

Let's follow Anne and her experience with us as she travels to her meeting

Booking a trip

All it takes is a few clicks

With access to hundreds of airlines and over 2 million hotels, Anne can choose what works best for her. She can lock in her itinerary with a few simple clicks. And when she needs live help, a travel counselor is just a phone call away.

Personalized service

Personalized service

It's nice when someone on the other end already knows your name

Ann calls in for booking assistance and a travel counselor accesses her profile information with preferences, past trips, and company travel policy. That way Anne can get suggestions based on her likes and needs.

Trip change

Trip change

Helping Anne stay two steps ahead

When plans change, we shift gears, offering new options, based on new travel dates. And since Anne downloaded the Amex GBT Mobile app, she finds it simple to adjust her itinerary or reach a travel counselor.

Managing Travel Delays

Travel Delays

Looking out for you 24/7

At the meeting, Anne gets a message from a travel counselor letting her know her flight home has been delayed. Does she want to get rebooked on an earlier flight? Anne answers "yes" and saves herself time and stress.

On Trip

On Trip

She's on time and organized

Anne quickly sees all of her updated trip details through her Amex GBT Mobile app. She can send and receive messages, regarding changes to her itinerary and contact a travel counselor to secure a ride home from the airport.

Getting Home

Getting Home

Baggage claim info at her fingertips

Anne gets through the airport quickly. That's because her Amex GBT Mobile app lets her confirm her ride home. And she knows where to claim her bags, even before landing.

Treat your travelers

Treat your travelers to the tlc they deserve

Contact a GBT representative today.